Alumni Profile: Zach Parker

Years attended USL: 2008-2011, 6th-8th grade
Favorite Teacher: Hard to pick; I loved Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Ewing, and Sra. Rowland.
Favorite Memory: “It pays to ride with Mr. Kreutner.” – Mr. Kreutner
Most Important Thing Learned at USL: How to communicate like a human being. Even a firm handshake, eye contact, and a “hello” goes a long way.

High School: 2015 Academic Magnet Graduate 

College: Clemson University 2015-2016, Trident Tech 2016-2017, The Citadel 2017-2020

     Major: Mathematics, Minor: Education
     Organizations: Active member of Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)
Career Aspirations: I currently work as a lacrosse and swim coach. After graduation I will pursue a Masters in Education and teach high school.