Alumni Profile: Sophie Bello

Years at USL: 2011-2013, 7th & 8th grade
Favorite USL class/teacher: It is so hard to choose just one! But my favorite classes would have to have been Humanities with Ms. Logan and creative writing with Ms. Scarafile, as well as L&L with Mr. Kreutner. Favorite teachers are all the ones mentioned previously, plus Sra. Rowland.
Favorite USL memory: Every part of the MS trip of 2013, where we went to North Carolina and Tennessee and visited a dairy farm, went spelunking, had some “dam” fries… it was just so fun to be in nature while learning and especially great to get to spend time with my classmates and Mr. Kreutner before we graduated 8th grade!
Most important thing I learned at USL: At USL I learned to pay closer attention to the world around me, how one action can affect so many other people, and that so many things are connected and linked together! I learned to analyze commonplace topics in order to dig deeper to truly understand more complicated ideas. I learned that if you open your mind, you can truly learn so much. Being curious is always important and I learned to never stop asking questions
High School: 2017 Academic Magnet graduate 
College: University of South Carolina Honors College, incoming freshman in the class of 2021
Career Aspirations: To become involved in an arts and culture magazine, as an editor, writer, photographer, or designer.