“My daughter has learned to be inquisitive about things she does not understand, and the level to which she has developed respect for others as well as self confidence in her own opinions is what I really appreciate most about the impact of her education here at USL.”  

Gino Misciagna, Father of a 2017 8th Grade Graduate

“I have to be honest…I was not ‘for’ it at all when Allison told me she wanted to stay at USL through high school. I was really against her having a ‘non-traditional’ high school experience.  The things that convinced me otherwise were Allison’s arguments (her self advocacy that she learned at USL) for staying at USL. I thought we would try it for one year to see how it worked for her. 

Her experiences with AP Psychology sold me on USL as a high school fit for her.  The students took an online course, attended a class at the College of Charleston and job shadowed a psychologist. She received a 4 out of 5 on her AP Psychology test as a freshman. These were very positive results in my book! She also took an evening law class at Trident Tech. She has taken several additional AP courses, and this year she and several of her classmates are dual enrollment students at the College of Charleston and attend classes at the downtown campus three days a week.

Bottom line is, we love it!  It engages her, she works at her own pace, and she enjoys the classes.”  

–Sandy Horan, Mother of a 2017 USL High School Graduate

I’ve realized that the best way to learn something is to experience it. I’ve gone on so many LOTC’s, from different houses of worship to a sewer treatment plant, and I couldn’t learn anywhere near as much if I had been sitting in a classroom in front of a textbook.

–Anna, 2017 8th Grade Graduate

USL has taught me to be a better leader and concentrate more on my work. I’m more confident in a lot of things, like talking to strangers and doing homework.

–Matthew, current USL student